Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good piece of writing on a great restaurant(s)

This is a great piece in the Atlanta paper written by the great John T. Edge.
Taqueria Del Sol is a great place with wonderful owners, great vision and great tacos.

Loan Shiraz, Barossa Valley, 2003

I am drinking a nice wine with my writing.
It's called Loan. All certified organic vineyard in Barossa, Valley Australia. The vineyard is about the size of a postage stamp but they produce some terrific juice from it. The future of wine, as with many things, needs to be tied to sustainability and this is a terrific example of how many of the great wineries have been practicing viticulture in this way for decades, long before it was the dire situation we know it is today.
Massive structure but still elegant and earthy. Evergreen flavors on finish, maybe eucalyptus. Unlike the gorillas that most Aussie shirazs are, this is more like a large Chipanzee very adept at ballet... it's graceful, grand and important without knocking you over.
that Robert Parker guy seemed to like it to, he gave it a 95/ 100

So i'm writing a cookbook

In an attempt to play hooky from my real job, as a chef/ restauranteur I am in the process of planning a cookbook and gathering my thoughts, recipes and visions onto some scratch paper. i am led to believe that from that point I just send it to a publisher and then I instantly become the next Rachael Ray, though male and with the inate sensibility not to wear a PLO scarf in a Donut photo shoot.

I hope it's that easy 'cause just aligning the recipes from pro kitchen to home kitchen is proving to be a tedious chore.

The cookbook will be about my life in Southern food. I have made my way through the restaurant world as an interpreter of all things Southern... funny 'cause I'm Canadian. I feel that just allows me look at things from a very unjaded viewpoint. None of that, "My Mama's collards are better than these..."
More to come as I branch into table of contents.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

hugh cooks things

Like ribs on the weber.
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