Saturday, May 31, 2008

So i'm writing a cookbook

In an attempt to play hooky from my real job, as a chef/ restauranteur I am in the process of planning a cookbook and gathering my thoughts, recipes and visions onto some scratch paper. i am led to believe that from that point I just send it to a publisher and then I instantly become the next Rachael Ray, though male and with the inate sensibility not to wear a PLO scarf in a Donut photo shoot.

I hope it's that easy 'cause just aligning the recipes from pro kitchen to home kitchen is proving to be a tedious chore.

The cookbook will be about my life in Southern food. I have made my way through the restaurant world as an interpreter of all things Southern... funny 'cause I'm Canadian. I feel that just allows me look at things from a very unjaded viewpoint. None of that, "My Mama's collards are better than these..."
More to come as I branch into table of contents.
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