Friday, January 31, 2014

Five & Ten Prix Fixe: January 30th - February 5th


1. Cheddarwurst, fried brioche, grilled scallion, tomato marmalade, dijon & frisee

Cava, Conde de Subirats, Penedes, Spain, NV

2. Sunburst Trout, gulf shrimp, braised mushrooms, petite radish, farro, puffed parmesan & celery

Sancerre, Domaine de la Perriere, Loire, France, 2012

3. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake, crunchy streusel, toffee sauce & fresh apple


1. Grilled Octopus and Parsnip Salad, arugula, salted pecan & huckleberry gastrique

Ventoux blanc, Cuvée des Trois Messes Basses, Rhone, France, 2012 

2. 5&10 Paste, ragout of Benji's pork, compressed apple, pickled mustard & rye bread crumbs

Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy, 2012

3. Mango Curd and Coconut Tart, toasted meringue & bourbon créme anglaise

No Substitutions Please
Available for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:00pm reservations every day
$30 food $15 booze

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fiv e & Ten Prix Fixe: January 23rd - January 29th


1. Oak Leaf Lettuce, chow chow vinaigrette, Benton’s ham, crisp rice, radish
Gruner Veltliner, Berger, Niederosterreich, Austria, 2012

2. Flounder, grilled mushroom, cauliflower broth, Brewster oats, hazelnuts, and pickled fig marmalade
Albariño, Tangent, Edna Valley, CA, 2012

3. Poppy Seed Grapefruit Cake, white chocolate mousseline, grapefruit-campari sorbet


1. Sea Island Red Pea Stew, grilled oysters, buttermilk, herbs
White Ale, Kiuchi Brewery, ‘Hitachino Nest’, Ibaraki-ken Naka-gun, Japan

2. Pork Belly, paprika glaze, turnips & their greens, puffed farro, Robuchon potatoes
Organic Cider, Samuel Smith, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England

3. Apricot Frangipane Tart with whipped cream and cherries

No Substitutions Please
Available for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:00pm reservations every day 
$30 food $15 booze

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cook a Bird.

Whole Chicken with Carrots and Onions

I left the roasted, broiled, braised, or stewed off the title of this one because it kind of goes through two processes: braising and roasting. Broasted? Braisting? Whatever term you come up with it’s a wonderful meal. 

The onions I bought were simple spring onions, though it is not spring, from the local mercado. The chicken was an organic one from the Kroger. It's winter so our local options get a little more difficult to procure. It was a good bird though. Tasted great.

serves 4

1 3 to 4 pound chicken
¼ cup softened unsalted butter
1 teaspoon kosher salt
¼ freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon Spanish smoked sweet paprika
4 spring onions
¼ cup red wine vinegar
1 ½ cups cold water
¾ pound carrots, peeled and bias cut to ½ inch thickness

preheat oven to 375°F

Remove the giblets from the chicken and set aside for another time. Take the chicken and rinse it well under cold running water. Pat it dry, pull off any fatty deposits that look excessive, around the cavity. Take two tablespoons of the softened butter and rub the bird all over with it. Season the bird inside and out with the salt and pepper. Tie the drumsticks together with some kitchen twine.Set it aside but at room temperature as you proceed to the next step.
            Place a dutch oven over medium high heat and add the butter. Thinly slice the white bulbs of the spring onion, reserving the tops for later. Add the sliced onion bulbs in the dutch oven and cook for three minutes. Place the chicken, breast side up in the pan and add the bay leaves, the vinegar and the water. Cover the dutch oven  and place in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, and then uncover the pot, baste the bird with the cooking liquid at the bottom of the pot. Slice the onion tops on the bias to ½ inch pieces and the onion tops and the sliced carrot to the pot, scattering them around the chicken. Turn the oven up to 425°F and place the dutch oven back in, but this time uncovered. Cook for 20 minutes and then remove from oven and let the bird rest for ten minutes before carving.
            Cut off the legs and separate the thighs and the drumstick by cutting through the joint. Place on a platter. Remove the breasts from the bird and slice. Turn the carcass over and remove the oysters from the back. Arrange all of the sliced chicken on the platter with the thighs and legs and then spoon over the cooking liquid, carrots and onion. Serve it family style with some polenta, some stewed greens and some chow chow.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Five & Ten Prix Fixe: January 16th - January 22nd


1. Roasted Beet & Apple Salad, yogurt, puffed farro, urfa vinaigrette
Muscadet Sevre & Maine, Michel Delhommeau, ‘Cuvee Harmonie’, Loire, France, 2011

2. Potato Gnocchi with sunchoke broth, short rib ragout, celery & herb salad
Catarratto, Castellucci Miano, Sicily, Italy, 2012

3. Chocolate Chip Shortcakes with meyer lemon cream, fresh orange


1. 5&10 Pate Campagne, mustard, pickles, fried bread
Cava, Conde de Subirats, Penedes, Spain, NV

2. Roast Chicken Thigh with carolina gold rice, harissa cauliflower, brussels sprouts, baby carrot salad, fennel puree
Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Santa Tresa, Sicily, 2010

3. Caramelized Banana Tarte with rum, date & pecan ice cream

No Substitutions Please
Available for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:00pm reservations every day 
$30 food $15 booze

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coffee and Competition

I'm a big proponent of learning. Education. Learning on the job- I encourage my staff continually because it's something I do every day. I love to cook, love to learn about the food I'm cooking. Learning makes us better.

I'm surrounded by great people who work and learn alongside me and I love to see them pour through books and pursue new talents. Taking trips, visiting great restaurants being around people who do things well. In this list of ways to better oneself is competition.

Competition pushes these people who compete to learn. About themselves, about their craft. I've got a stellar bartender who competes and does well and I love to see her go and better herself by pressing her potential and learning new things.

Included in this realm of competition is coffee. It's not a who can measure the Maxwell House most effectively and push a button on the Mr. Coffee maker to deliver the steaming black liquid into a carafe and pour it from a 6 inch height into a ceramic device and splash in an impressive amount of cream and sugar and wink at the judges. No. It's not a k-cup, or purple pod push button fiesta. It's much more than that.

This competition, which often starts at a regional level, culminates at the World Barista Championship or World Brewers Cup (I'll speak mostly to the World Barista Championship). It's a 15 minute foray into the world of specialty coffee where the competitor, one who has worked months, even years, delivers an, hopefully,  infallible routine to 7 judges (2 technical, 4 tasting and 1 head judge.) Covering topics like sustainability, correct sourcing, intricate tasting notes, heartfelt stories, coffee community and milk science. These routines deliver great looking espresso, cappuccinos and signature drinks. The best presenter is then crowned the winner (figuratively speaking) and then reigns for a year. The coffee loyal masses make pilgrimages to see them and pay homage over the year. Kiss the ring and all that.

This weekend I've got two members of my staff competing in a regional qualifier, aspiring to move on, with the eventual goal of Worlds. Bright, young guys who just want to learn more about coffee. Could a restaurateur ask for more?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


5&10, Athens, GA

Tuesday, January 14th, all night long....

$1.75 oysters a the bar. 


Blue Points

Battle Points

Enjoy the beautiful day beautiful people.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five & Ten Prix Fixe: January 9th - January 15th


1. Grilled Shrimp with mushroom & ham broth, sonora wheat berries, radish, beets and their greens
Aligoté, Sebastien Magnien, Burgundy, France, 2011

2. Sunburst Trout with apple butter, whole roasted sunchokes, pecan milk, preserved quince and frisee
Verdejo, Nisia, Old Vines, Rueda, Spain, 2011

3. Cornmeal Cake with satsuma, honey and barely whipped cream


1. Roasted Mushroom Salad with buttermilk dressing, grits cracker, preserved citrus and parsley
Chardonnay, Rickshaw, California, 2012

2. 5&10 Pasta with crisp pork belly, root vegetable ragout, fried kale and sunflower seeds
Rosso Veronese, L'Arco, Veneto, Italy, 2007

3. Profiteroles with caramel ice cream, chocolate sauce and caramelized pineapple

No Substitutions Please
Available for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:00pm reservations every day
$30 food $15 booze

Friday, January 3, 2014

Five & Ten Prix Fixe: January 2nd - January 8th


1. Buttermilk Fried Quail with hoppin' john, collards, grilled cornbread purée & hot sauce
Etna Ross, Terre Nere, Sicily, Italy, 2012

2. Short Ribs with apricot marmalade, veal consommé and a ragout of lentils, pine nut, turnip & preserved lemon
Malbec, Ernesto Catena, Mendoza, Argentina, 2011

3. Chocolate Date Cake with toasted almonds & amaretto crunch ice cream


1. 5&10 Pasta with ricotta, bitter greens, shaved fennel and puffed farro
Kerner, Abbazia di Novacella, Alto-Adige, Italy, 2012

2. Roasted Redfish with baby carrots, brussels sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, dashi & cilantro oil
Pinot Grigio, Ornella Molon, Piave, Italy, 2012

3. Rice Pudding with sweet bay and vanilla bean, poached pear & benne tuile

No Substitutions Please
Available for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:00pm reservations every day 
$30 food $15 booze
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