Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Specials for Wednesday Night!


• Bon Secour, LA 1.50
• Kumomoto, WA 2.25
• Wellfleet, MA 2.25

grilled scallions, romesco, red wine poached egg and potato chips 8.

ahi tuna tartare with citrus ponzu, chopped white anchovy, spinach and grapefruit 12.

grilled quail with roasted apple, baked polenta and a calvados jus 15.

seared #1 tuna over Basque potato stew
with arugula and a sherry emulsion 25.

olive and pepper braised lamb shank with roasted rack of lamb… leek polenta, mint, crisped artichokes 33.

meyer lemon pannacotta with earl grey tea cookies 7.

• half bottle of bubbles.
Champagne, Taittinger, Brut, NV $28.
• sauvignon blanc/ Semillon,
La Freynelle, Entre-deux-Mers,
France, 5./20.
• tannat, merlot, cab, Colombelle, Gascony, France, 2007 4.50/18.
• cab-syrah, Domaine des Cantarelles, Vin de Pays de Gard, France, 2004 7./28.
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