Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brandini and Bastianich

If you could not make it to the Fisher Vineyards Wine Dinner that will be happening tonight, reserve your spot at our Brandini Farms Wine Dinner on November 3rd (that is next Tuesday). Brandini La Morra, a winery in the Barola region of Italy, was recently purchased by Joe Bastianich. Bastianich and award-winning Italian winemaker Beppe Caviola are two very talented guys who are producing inspiring and delicious wines. First, they have a great regions to work in, wine from Barola is considered to be Italy's best wine. Second, Bastianich (if you don't already know) is the partner of Mario Batali in the James-Beard Award winning restaurant Babbo, one of New York City's finest restaurant, and also co-owner of eleven other eating establishments in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It can be said that Joe Bastianich does nothing second-rate and knows his stuff. Beppe Caviola was chosen the best Oenologist of the year in 2002 by Gambero Rosso-Slow Food, and he is native of the Piedmont region of Italy. Caviola understands his region and cares for his wines with the passion and patience that it takes to create great wine. While I am sure that we would all love to take a trip to Italy, let us settle for a taste of the culture by enjoying these authentic Italian wines.

Click here to see the menu and wine pairings.

Here are some details on a few of the wines we will be tasting.

Brandini Barolo
A typical garnet red, that is graceful, spicy and fruity with floral notes of rose and current. This wine is smooth and full-bodied upfront and then followed by a prominent tannin, young and persistent with a clean finish.

Brandini Dolcetoo d'Alba
This wine is ruby red with a purple reflection. It is fragrant, strongly fruity with notes of cherry and raspberry. The Dolcetoo d'Alba feels rich and refreshing in the mouth with balanced tannin.

Langhe Rosse
The Langhe Rosse is a dark garnet red that is complex and diversified with sophisticated aromas of plums, blackberry, coffee and highly detailed natural spicy notes. This wine is fully-extracted, important, full-bodied and enveloping with a well-balanced acid-tannic ratio and long finish.


Dinner begins at 6 pm
Five & Ten
$100 per person not including tax and gratuity
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