Saturday, January 16, 2010

vinegar in my home kitchen

I love vinegar. It gives the oomph to the food we cook. It lifts and allows sweetness and sultry acidity to sing side by side.
One vinegar I am really into these days is a sugarcane vinegar from the Philippines called Datu Puti. It's malty and complex, and quite the opposite of what you think if you think sweet. Oh, and its cheap as can be. A liter was 1.99 at Fooks in Athens.
I'm using it in a roasted pork butt dish that has garlic, lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce and maple syrup in it. Yum Yum.

I am using a red wine vinegar that I make in jars at home with the dregs of good wines we consume. Just get a good vinegar culture from Bragg's vinegar and top over it with some wine. Cover with cloth and store in the closet for a while. About two weeks later you'll have vinegar.Some day soon I will invest in a real nice tapped cask and go the used oak route.

We use cider vinegar a fair bit too but its the nervous one of the bunch, the vinegar you don't want playing with the loaded guns. Great stuff mind you but jumpy. There are some fantastic ones out there though, like J. LeBlanc from France where they have trained their vinegars not to be so caustic.

Seasoned rice vinegar is for sushi rice.

Champagne vinegar is the epitome of clean vinegar and is great in vinaigrettes.

No balsamic right now. Its a recession and I like really good Balsamic. Once I sign a book contract I will buy into good balsamic again. Anyhow, it is not strawberry season and that's where I really love the balsamic.

The list goes on. I just love me some vinegar.

The white vinegar is under the sink where it belongs. It's a wonderful cleaner.
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