Saturday, February 27, 2010

The National: OPEN for BRUNCH

The National is now open for brunch on Sunday. Come one, come all!
Here is the first look at the new menu.

Agua Fresca
Morning spritzer
OJ & Grapefruit juice
Lemonade, Cherry-limeade
Counter Culture coffee
Rishi teas
fresh Moroccan mint tea

Small Plates
Housemade almond-sticky bun

Today’s scone with honey-butter

Goat cheese with lavender-honey and toast

Muesli with milk, skim milk, soy milk or Greek yogurt

Butter lettuce salad: hearts of palm, marinated onion, peanuts, green goddess dressing

Empanada: Benton’s country ham, fontina, scallion & salsa verde (make it an entree: two empanadas, green salad, creme fraiche)

Big Plates
The National: two fried or scrambled local eggs, bacon or lamb sausage, polenta or roasted potatoes, toast

Brioche French toast: Ruskin Powell’s cane syrup, whipped cream, orange marmalade

Frittata: potato, caramelized spring Vidalias, thyme, smoked San Simon cheese, sweet pepper dressing, green salad

Iron-skillet eggs: fixins topped with two broiled local eggs
• saucey red beans: peppers and onions, crema, tomatillo salsa fresca, side of fried corn tortillas
• smoked trout-potato hash: dill crème fraiche, asparagus salad, toast Shrimp Roll: GA shrimp, lemon-mayo, butter lettuce, fries

Cheeseburger: our special grind of C.A.B. chuck and brisket, brioche bun, white cheddar, shaved red onion, butter lettuce, “special sauce”, fries

Chicken sandwich: just like the cheeseburger but with a marinated Springer Mountain chicken thigh

Veggie National: saucey red beans with peppers and onions, green salad, asparagus, roasted tomato, olive oil toast

Berkshire bacon
Lamb merguez sausage
Red Mule polenta
Roasted red potatoes
Seasonal fruit
Luna whole wheat toast
Luna raisin toast

chocolate pot de creme with cocoa nibs
Georgia baklava with pecans and honey syrup
... or another round of almond-sticky buns
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