Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Gifts | Celebrate The Mom in Your Life

If Mother's Day snuck up on you, I have some solutions, because moms make the world go around. Let's be nice to them always and especially on Mother's Day.

Call your mom. Remind her that you appreciate her.

Flowers. Flowers are a great way to start. They don't have to be something you picked up from the aisle cap in your grocery store, (but if they are, more power to you) because Mother's Day is conveniently located in prime flower-growing weather. Stop by your farmers market or the side of the road on your way home.

Hand-made cards. Hand-made cards are a win no matter how you look at them. Let your kids get some skin in the game (and some marker on their hands) and let's not pretend that your handwriting is any better. When they end up on the fridge together and your friends see them, your friends are going to think your kids did all of them.

Cook a meal. Chances are, you already have my cookbook A New Turn in The South, and you've cooked your way through it once. Grab her favorite recipe from it and get to work.

Give her a gift. You didn't think about it - it's too late for that. But, you're a solutions oriented guy. Here's what to do. Give her something that isn't for sale yet (because you don't actually have to have the physical copy.) What's not for sale yet? Glad you asked. My newest cookbook. It's called The Broad Fork: Recipes For The Wide World of Vegetables and Fruits and it comes out on Tuesday. You can pre-order a signed copy here. The book is a vegetable-centric look at cooking through the seasons with photography by my good friend Rinne Allen, recipes and witty commentary by yours truly. See the photograph below for an idea of what your finished product will look like. Yes, it will look exactly like that. 

fingerling potatoes with spring peas and lobster

Lastly, if you want to own up to the fact that it slipped your mind (admirable) then make a family project out of creating a memory. The crew over at TasteBook have a project going right now where you can essentially make a family cookbook out of the recipes that you use all the time. These are custom cookbooks that are hardcover binder books. Right at $35 for a 50-page book, it's a highly customizable cookbook that allows you to add your recipes, photos, and a dedication page. Plus you get to choose your cover image and title it yourself. Find out more about TasteBook here

Not a bad deal for coming up a day late. And if you don't want to make time on Mother's Day to craft your book, you can select the IOU that is pictured at right.

Find a video of the process here

That's it. Merry Mother's Day! May you not forget next year.

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