Friday, October 29, 2010

Bieber on Boulevard

On Tuesday morning, I found myself alone, with a little free time and surrounded by several pumpkins.

So, what is a guy, who has a lot of knives and a lot of pumpkins to do?

Carve the face of Justin Bieber into a pumpkin of course! Check it out, you can download stencils here, If I had to do it again, I would adjust the eyes a little more (he looks cross-eyed) and give him a left ear. Either way, he is still pretty scary.

The bedazzled and smiley pumpkins were done by Beatrice & Clementine. I still have to carve the bigger pumpkin, but according to my 6-year old, we have to have at least one traditional jack-o-lantern.

Happy Halloween.

p.s. If you are not trick-or-treating this Sunday, there are still tickets available for Sunday Supper South at White Provision in Atlanta. It is going to be an awesome 5-course dinner benefiting the James Beard Foundation. Click here for more information.
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