Friday, May 24, 2013

So Should You be Coming to ATLANTA

here are some places to eat...

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Hugh’s list of places to eat and whatnot in Atlanta

Empire State South
yeah, it’s my place. Great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Awesome coffee program.

Antico Pizza
I think this is some of the best pizza I have ever had. Amazeballs.

Café Agora
Midtown middle Eastern place. Good lunch. Hummus, shawarma, that kind of thing. Really great cheap lunch.

One Eared Stag
Modern Southern, kind of punk rock place.

Gu’s Bistro
It’s a haul. Way up Buford Hwy but it’s great Szechuan food.

Leon’s Full Service
Fantastic drink spot. Good food. Decatur.

Octopus Bar
East Atlanta late night foodie palooza. Angus, the chef, is a very cool guy.

Holman & Finch
The best gastropub around. Stellar drinks and great food.

Westside. Great food but best known for a really fancy burger at lunch. 

the General Muir
Ode to the Jewish Deli by Todd Ginsberg. Smart chef. 

Octane, Westside and also on Memorial (Octane at the Jane).
Coffee coffee coffee. Serious coffee. Nice place to get some work done and get wired on great espresso.

Bruce Logue’s homage to Italy. Less expensive than it should be.

Community Q
Great BBQ in Decatur.

Cakes & Ale
Farm to Table stuff. Great food. Decatur.

Nam Phuong
Vietnamese. Really tasty. Norcross… so it’s a drive.

Miso Izakaya
Ramen at lunch and fancier fare at dinner. Guy Wong does Japanese really well.

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