Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was cooking at the Charleston Food and Wine Festival this past weekend Linton Hopkins and I reigned supreme in the Grand Finale Iron Chef cookoff against Mike Lata and Sean Brock. Lots of fun. The surprise ingredient was the very scary PEANUTS. I was actually surprised they used it but those poor little legumes need a little help in the PR department these days (no offense to the fine folks at Golin Harris).
As we were cooking away on stage I began to wonder what tools people had in their arsenal. Sean Brock brought liquid nitrogen and tons of gadgets. Linton went very simple with a spoon, a knife and an apron. Lata had some bacon, the edible tool. I just brought my usual wooden wine box of traditionalist cookery implements. The New York Times once did a great photo shoot about chef's cooking kits. Google it up sometime.
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