Wednesday, August 11, 2010

prix fixe from August 12 to August 18

every night for 5:30, 5:45 and 6:00 reservations

menu A

pappa di pomodoro- tomato-bread soup with garlicky croutons and fresh basil
Pinot Grigio, Borgo M, Veneto, Italy, 2008

grilled White Oak Pastures grass-fed flank steak, shaved parmesan, field pea salad, tomatoes, and arugula
Refosco, Scarbolo, Friuli, Italy, 2005

Chocolate-banana cream tart with espresso granita

menu B

mario’s lifeguard calamari with chile flake, tomato, farro, currants, basil, and lemon
Ale, Palm, Belgium

roasted salmon, tarragon butter, saffron risotto, roasted fennel, lemon emulsion
Charonnay/Sauvignon/Friulano, Scarbolo, ‘My Time’, Friuli, Italy, 2007

Stone fruit cobbler with housemade vanilla bean ice cream

$25 food
$15 wine
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