Monday, January 9, 2012

Wholesome Wave Dinner: Empire State South, January 22nd

In the ongoing effort to make local food more available to everyone, many of you know that I am a big advocate of Wholesome Wave.  In fact, I am offering to pluck my unibrow (a.k.a. Hughnibrow) in order to support Wholesome Wave (if you need more info on the plucking, click HERE). Wholesome Wave fosters a strong linkage between local agriculture and under-served communities in Georgia by offering a coupon program that doubles the value of food stamps at farmer's markets.  

To help meet the challenge making fresh, local food available to the whole community, ESS will be hosting a dinner to benefit Wholesome Wave January 22nd at 6pm.   Our sous chefs have taken the lead on this one and each sous will be putting together a dish. While Ryan & I will both be there, we want to let our rockstar sous chefs showcase their talents, individuality and creativity. Steven and Kellie will be offering alcohol pairings.

The price of the dinner is $125, which includes tax and gratuity. This dinner is tax deductable.  I know $125 is a little pricey, but Empire State South will be donating 75% of the proceeds to Wholesome Wave Georgia.  Not up to that amount--actually 75%.  Please help us help our fellow Georgians get good food on the table (and get a delicious meal too!).

charred beef heart
roasted and pickled beets, arugula
Micah Pfister
pheasant terrine
persimmon butter, pickles, pan de mie, juniper
Jonah Merrell
turnip, sunchoke, blood orange
Chris Hathcock
bacon wrapped veal loin
brussels, carrots, cauliflower cromesquis, veal glaze
Kyle Jacovino
meyer lemon curd tart
pistachio ice cream, candied cranberries
Lauren Raymond
cardamom, rosewater, phyllo
Cynthia Wong
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